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NorCAN (Northern California Nonprofits Assocation) continues to grow, gain strength, and adapt to the changes and needs of our local nonprofit community. Such exciting growth is possible because of the dedication and time commitment that its Steering Committee puts forth on a regular basis.

The role of the Steering Committee is to

  • Provide leadership for the NorCAN Association concerning strategic direction, goals, and program focus
  • Guide and support its staff
  • Assist with the planning and execution of NorCAN events

All Steering Committee members are committed to NorCAN's mission of helping nonprofits to achieve their goals. The Steering has a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary and votes by simple majority.


  •    Advocacy
  •    Sustainability
  •    Public Relations
  •    Conferences

Each subcommittee has a steering committee member as its chair. The role of the Chair is to:

  •   Assure that the subcommittee members meet
  •   Report outcomes to the full steering committee membership
  •   Head/coordinate one event each year.

The NorCAN Steering Committe is a dedicated group and the work is ongoing.  The commitment required of a NorCAN Steering Committee member is

  •   A 2-year term
  •   6 - 10 hours a month, which includes attendance at all monthly Steering Committee meetings as well as luncheons, and special events.

Criteria and Process for Choosing Committee Members

Applications will be screened and new members will be chosen by the current Steering Committee Members.  Criteria considered are:

  •   Availability of the applicant
  •   One year of NorCAN membership prior to submitting application
  •   A commitment to providing resources and networking opportunities for nonprofit capacity building and development

Contact a Steering Committee Member
Contact a committee member to ask them about their experiences and/or learn more about NorCAN and the role the NorCAN Steering Committee.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

Apply to become a member of the Steering Committee

Download the application in Word or PDF format:

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